Gustav changelog
Gustav changelog

New data points on candidate submission






We have introduced new data that can be included for candidates that are submitted to jobs. If you post jobs on Gustav and hold your company's "Owner" account, you can make changes to the required fields under Settings -> Submission properties. All fields can be set to optional, required or hidden. Please see the new fields below.

General information:

  • Payment interval: How often will the candidate be paid?
  • Availability for interview: Specify when the candidate is available for an interview
  • Relocation: Which locations are acceptable? (multiple locations can be picked)

On contract jobs with employment type C2C:

  • Who is the candidate's employer?

  • Additional layers: Describe any additional layers between you and the candidate’s employer

  • Billing with candidate's employer: How many resources does your company currently have billing with the candidate’s employer

On work permit H-1B:

  • Who holds the candidate's H-1B: Enter if there are any additional employment / partner layers