Improvements: Bullhorn integration

⭐️Premium Feature


1. Improvements to the stage mapping

Stage mapping is now available to all our Bullhorn Novo and S-Release customers. Moving a candidate to a new stage in Bullhorn will automatically move the candidate to the corresponding stage in Gustav. In addition, this will send a notification to the person that submitted the candidate informing them that the candidate was moved (keeping vendors in the loop).

2. Sync messages sent via the Gustav messenger as notes to candidate in Bullhorn

We are now syncing the full conversation that you have with your vendors via the Gustav messenger also notes to the candidates in Bullhorn.

3. Import bill rate from custom field in Bullhorn to job on Gustav (for contract jobs)

By default jobs in Bullhorn do not have a field that you can use to store the bill rate that you offer to your vendor partner. However, some of our customers have set up a custom field in Bullhorn where this rate is stored. It is now possible to import the bill rate from that custom field in Bullhorn to the job in Gustav.

If you are interested in activating this premium feature for your company please contact us.