Global Jobs

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Today we are super excited to announce a new feature on Gustav: Global jobs.

Global jobs allows you to share jobs with all vendors on Gustav without having them as a partner. This will enable you to reach more available candidates faster and also help identifying new potential partners.

How does it work?

Share a Global Job


Simply press the Post New Job button. You will find the Global Jobs option on the bottom of the job creation form. After posting a global job, the Gustav team will review your job before it becomes visible to all vendors. We do this to ensure a high quality of all jobs.

Tip: You can post 5 jobs per month for free

Global jobs on the Marketplace

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Global jobs are visible to every vendor on the Marketplace and stay open for 14 days.

View Global Jobs

Pro Feature: Renew job

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Companies with a Pro account are able to extend the jobs for another 14 days prior expiration. Extending a job moves it back to the top of the marketplace.

Post your first Global Job


Hotlist Banner (1).png

We’re excited to announce the Hotlist - a new way to find and share available candidates. Tired of sending and receiving random candidate emails? Watch a video and learn how it works.

Find available Bench Candidates powered by AI

Leverage the new AI search to immediately find available candidates. To ensure the candidates' availability, they are visible for 14 days and then need to be refreshed.


Search by Skills & Location

We added a wide range of filtering options. Filter by specific skills combined with years of experience. Narrow down your search by adding multiple locations.


Request Candidates & Chat with Vendors

Once you discovered a candidate that you are interested in, request the full resume with one click. Schedule interviews and technical screening, all in one place.


Bulk upload your available candidates

All the uploaded resumes are automatically parsed. Once you activate them, they are visible to everybody on Gustav.

New Settings


In order to give you a better overview of all settings in Gustav, we've decided to split them into 2 separate sections. Both can be reached by clicking on your avatar in the left side menu.

  1. Settings: This contains general company settings, your company profile, account configuration as well as ATS integration settings. Only Owner and Admin accounts have access to this section.

  2. Your account: This contains your personal account details, your user profile and notification settings.

Draft jobs


Draft jobs allows you to save your company's jobs as drafts prior to sharing them with vendors. You can find them under Jobs →Your company's → Draft jobs and activate them from there.

Reopen closed jobs (Premium feature)

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From now on you can reopen jobs which you have closed before. All vendors who have engaged with the job will be notified.

If you are interested in activating this premium feature for your company please contact us.

Marketplace tables on Dashboard


We have added 2 new tables with data from the Marketplace to the Dashboard.

  • Latest jobs from the Marketplace
  • My submitted candidates

This helps you to constantly keep track of what has happened on Gustav at a glance.

New messenger


We have reworked our messenger to give you a more interactive and responsive way to communicate on Gustav.

Resubmit Candidates


You can now resubmit candidates that you have previously submitted to different jobs. Clicking on Resubmit candidate opens a table that lets you select the candidate which you want to resubmit to a job. This will pre-fill the Submit candidate form with all the candidate data. You only have to add job related information like e.g. the bill rate.

New data points on candidate submission


We have introduced new data that can be included for candidates that are submitted to jobs. If you post jobs on Gustav and hold your company's "Owner" account, you can make changes to the required fields under Settings -> Submission properties. All fields can be set to optional, required or hidden. Please see the new fields below.

General information:

  • Payment interval: How often will the candidate be paid?
  • Availability for interview: Specify when the candidate is available for an interview
  • Relocation: Which locations are acceptable? (multiple locations can be picked)

On contract jobs with employment type C2C:

  • Who is the candidate's employer?

  • Additional layers: Describe any additional layers between you and the candidate’s employer

  • Billing with candidate's employer: How many resources does your company currently have billing with the candidate’s employer

On work permit H-1B:

  • Who holds the candidate's H-1B: Enter if there are any additional employment / partner layers

Parsing of CV data when you submit a candidate


We have added CV parsing to the candidate submission. This allows you to submit candidates to a job more quickly, as inputs are automatically pre-filled with actual CV data. You can then review and edit the results and add more information to make your candidate stand out from the crowd.